Taste Buds in Ecstasy: Discovering Daalder’s Amsterdam Food Scene

Overall Score: 8

A Culinary Adventure Awaits in Amsterdam

Score: 9

Hello, fellow food enthusiasts! It’s Sam and Eric, your trusty culinary adventurers, here once again to share our latest dining escapade. Today, our taste buds have led us to Restaurant Daalder, a unique dining spot nestled in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic and oh-so-charming Jordaan district. We’d been intrigued by Restaurant Daalder for quite some time now. It had piqued our interest through its glowing reviews on Google and Yelp, with patrons raving about their unique fusion of French and Dutch cuisine, the eclectic ambiance, and the highly skilled service staff. Curious and armed with hefty appetites, we decided to take a deep dive into this acclaimed gastronomic gem. This review is our honest account of the memorable culinary journey that we embarked upon at Restaurant Daalder.

A Whimsical Haven for Food Enthusiasts

Score: 10

Our gastronomic adventure began the moment we set foot into Daalder. The building’s historical significance is evident in its high ceilings and exposed brickwork, which have been tastefully blended with contemporary elements, creating a serene, warm, and inviting dining space. The establishment’s chic vibe is perfectly punctuated by modern lighting fixtures, accentuating its unique character. It’s an ambiance that whispers of a history enriched with good food and delightful conversations. Patrons were chatting in hushed tones, their faces glowing with satisfaction and anticipation, while the clinking of cutlery and wine glasses composed a delightful symphony in the background. The ambiance was lively without being intrusive, allowing for an intimate dining experience. These observations were consistent with several reviews we had come across, which praised Daalder for maintaining a wonderfully appealing and balanced atmosphere, setting the perfect stage for a memorable culinary experience.

Impeccable Service with a Smile

Score: 9

Restaurant Daalder offers impeccable service that is arguably one of its defining features. From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted with warm smiles and attended to with utmost care and consideration. Each staff member was not only polite and professional but also demonstrated extensive knowledge about the menu, the wine pairings, and the preparation of the dishes. They were attentive, but not overbearing, striking a balance that is often elusive in the hospitality industry. We noticed that they handled both praises and criticisms with equal grace and professionalism, never once faltering in their duties. This observation resonated with numerous online reviews that highlighted the excellent service, demonstrating that the team at Daalder is well-trained and committed to providing an outstanding dining experience.

Gastronomic Delights that Dance on the Tongue

Score: 10

Now, let’s move on to the heart of the matter – the food. Daalder offers an inspired and innovative menu, a brainchild of Chef Dennis Huwaë. The chef’s dedication to his craft is evident in every dish that came out of his kitchen, each an artful blend of classic French techniques and Dutch influences. This fusion brings a contemporary and unique twist to familiar flavors and ingredients. Every course was a tantalizing exploration of textures and tastes, from the appetizer of zesty citrus-infused scallops to the tender, succulent duck breast that served as the pièce de résistance. The flavor profiles were complex yet balanced, showing the meticulousness and creativity of the chef. Moreover, the fact that the menu changes with the seasons reflects the commitment to quality and freshness. We discovered similar glowing testimonies about the food on Yelp and Google reviews. Diners were consistently impressed with the culinary brilliance exhibited at Daalder, confirming that our positive experience wasn’t a one-off event.

Indulge in a Memorable Dining Experience on Any Budget

Score: 8

Daalder offers a high-end dining experience, and the prices reflect that. Dinner here comprises a 5-course Chef’s menu that would cost you around €65 per person, not including drinks. While it may seem a bit on the pricier side, it’s worth considering what you’re getting for your money. The culinary experience at Daalder is not just about food, it’s about the journey – the creativity in the dishes, the attentive service, and the lovely ambiance. Several online reviews underscored this sentiment, confirming that while Daalder is not the cheapest option in Amsterdam, it provides excellent value for the price.

The Crown Jewel: Daalder’s Divine Dish

Score: 9

Though all dishes left a lasting impression, the standout for us was the Lobster Bolognese, a delightful gastronomic surprise that had been lauded in several online reviews. The dish presents an inventive spin on the classic Italian staple, replacing the usual beef with chunks of succulent lobster, simmered to perfection in a rich, tangy sauce. The house-made pasta was perfectly al dente, serving as the ideal companion to the hearty Bolognese sauce. Each mouthful was a celebration of flavors, an affirmation of Chef Huwaë’s extraordinary culinary talent.

Conclusion: Savor the Flavors, Embrace the Magic!

Score: 9

In conclusion, our dining experience at Restaurant Daalder was an unforgettable journey marked by exceptional food, impeccable service, and an inviting ambiance. It’s a perfect choice for a romantic dinner, a celebration, or even if you just feel like treating yourself to a memorable culinary adventure. While it’s true that a meal at Daalder comes with a somewhat hefty price tag, we found that the quality of the experience more than justifies it. We’re joining the chorus of other online reviewers to say that Daalder is a must-visit for any serious food lover in Amsterdam. We left the restaurant not only with satisfied stomachs but also with memories of a delightful evening and a deep appreciation for Chef Huwaë’s culinary mastery. We’re already looking forward to our next visit and encourage you to experience this culinary gem for yourself. Happy eating!

Price Range: 4 stars (Moderate to Expensive)

Daalder offers a range of dining options, with lunch prices starting around €30 per person and their tasting menus priced at around €95 per person. While it may be considered moderately expensive, the culinary experience and quality of food make it worth every penny.


Lindengracht 90,
1015 KK Amsterdam,

Phone Number:

+31 20 624 8868

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM



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